Cause it’s a sex site

It’s unfortunate that men like this exist. Believe it or not, some of us can be gentlemen and are confident enough to still be gentlemen even when rejected. I, personally, understand that I am not every woman’s type.
I wish guys would take the time to read women’s profiles and try to send a message that is honest and isn’t just a “Hey, wanna fuck my wife?” kind of email. Unfortunately, many guys think like this idiot does… that it’s a sex site and that the normal parlance of being nice can simply be tossed by the wayside.
This should tell you just how many guys in real life are jerks underneath the hood and are maintaining the veneer of niceness simply to get close to someone or get laid.
Never fear, ladies. There are those of us who are genuine. I love women and I’ve always been taught to treat women with respect.

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A failure to communicate….

Yeah, I wasn’t sure what to title this blog…words are sorta escaping me.
So I get this email:
Okay, you want someone for long term. Well, check out my age, and understand that I’m available for days and will be for a long time. I read your profile and think we can work.
Not so bad, right? Right. I read it on my iphone and saw this tiny picture of what appeared to be an older gentleman. Ok, not so bad. I mean, I am the leader of the older men are better parade. Um, to a point. I found him at the Free Porn Movies site.
So I mosey on over to his profile….I mean, he says “check out my age” so I do. He is 73. Seventy fucking three. Or at least he claims he can still fuck. Now I may be going on 48 but 73 is still old enough to be my father. Then, tonight, I could see the pic he attached to his email and I think I threw up a little in my mouth. Oh, and dare I mention that he is “attached” but not getting “enough” at home. Shocking, no?

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You meet some extremely wonderful people

When I say “meet”, I don’t mean actual face to face and in person. I mean messages that lead to Instant Messages, that lead to text messages, and then even phone converstations. I even got myself a cam and it’s so I know some awesome people here on Free Sex, but they usually seem to be way out of drinving It seems that there really isn’t anybody in my area, well, the closest one to me that I consider a friend is 3 hours by car. Other’s that I know are scattered all around the country. So it’s come to this. I can’t find anybody within the county that I live in, so now I’m trying to import someone from out of state.roflmao I know what some of you are thinking, why don’t you go to them, or just move??? Because I’ve got 27 years left on my mortgage that’s Maybe one of these days I can take a road trip or two to visit some of the lovely ladies that I know, not to mention the really gorgeous ones.hehehe You should know who you are. Of course, Vegas is only 90 miles away from me. They have flights coming and going every hour from all parts of the globe, and what happens in Vegas, stays in

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Adult Sex dating Pictures

I cruise the other members’ profiles from my dashboard. I think, as visual as guys are, the creativity of snapping shots are konfuzing to me. I see a lot of full frontal chest and penis, some buttocks, and some I just can’t figure out. The latter bunch always intrigue me cause I have to see what the image is of. Most times it is a hand gripping the penis. Hmmm.
Female profile pics are more creative. They use the camera filters more, and have a wider range of spots to shoot. I can see, as visual as guys are, why female profiles and which blogs are popular.
I’m doing homework, learning what will make your mouse click my way. Im a words gal, not a very adept image gal, so i would appreciate any subject suggestioins.

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What a fucking awesome night

So the night went better than I had hoped, though it got sarted later than I had planned. I found her at Sex Dating site.
She wanted dinner first, so I made dinner, then we both soaked in the hot bath for a while, then we fucked. And fucked. And fucked.
After almost 3 hours, we were exhausted and dehydrated, so we had some water and fell asleep. Then woke up a couple hours later and fucked again. Then fell asleep. Then woke up a few hours later and fucked again. I ended up calling in sick to work (which was true, anyway)so we stayed in bed all damn day.

My hips are SORE. And I can’t stop grinning.
And I’m exhausted, so I sleep now. Goodnight.

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NurseNikkiSC’s Thoughts

These are my thoughts, wants, needs, and time spent, while in South Carolina. I’m visiting the Greenville/Piedmont, SC area for the next few months. I’m seeking to get familiar with the area and meet people while I’m here. I’m a 38y/o blk ssbbw,(if you don’t know what a ssbbw is your not looking for me), bi femme. I’m looking for men or women separately for makeout sessions, stroking sessions, a long-term sexual relationship while i’m in SC,and/or voyeur opportunities to watch couples or groups have sex with no sex involved for me. hope to learn more about the area while i’m here, though i’m used to bigger city. kisses to everyone in SC!

Kisses to everyone online!!!!!!!!!!

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Sexy recall

In my totally inept way with this computer; I chanced upon a way to back-track into my old profile that was dumped by Adult Sex Dating. Just for fun I copied a post to see how different the responses will be now …… what is new 2 years later lol
Wanted … Lingerie Critique / Minder for Retail Erotica Jan 8, 2009 11:09 am
I had posted a generalised plea for a Minder .. and must say I found the result to be disappointing But in my usual optimistic way I decided that in fact if I was more specific and detailed about my needs .. I may get a better response … mmmm it may be a lady friend … who knows
I wish to shop for new lingerie and toys … but would love company .. I adore the delight of even just sighting all the lacey pretties and sexy as colours …. and it is deeply sensual as an initial foreplay …. who knows what adventures may evolve

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Women and assholes , dush bags, and all around pice of shit guys

Why do women love a assholes , dush bags, and all around pice of shit guys?
some say because they withhold what they want to heir form women, or that women want to try to fix or change the guy and lets face it an asshole is an asshole adn will never be forced to change the have to want to change and then only if it is in there favor to change, so an asshole will not change.
And the greats thing is women clam to know all this but keep going for the assholes , dush bags, and all around pice of shit guys.
this is why i am contemplating on becoming an asshole but not a dush bag cuz lets face it those are just want to be tough guys ot trendy (depends on the type Broes or thugs)
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ooooh, THAT’s why people like relationships!

Having now met someone interested in a relationship, who I like alot, I find myself fantasizing…… about having someone there when I get home from work, or waiting at home expecting someone home soon, about adult conversation during the weeks I do and don’t have the kids, about, finally!, sex on tap, about a MAN around the house to, you know, do MAN things (yes, I can’t do everything a big strong man can do!), and a person to share a hard day with and a happy thought with. Someone to get to know completely, and then know a little more about every day. Yeah, I know, I’m leaving out all the troublesome parts, but for a while I had forgotten all the good parts! This relationship thing might actually be worth it! we will see……

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Why just local people

I receive winks/emails from ppl in other states or even from other cities in TX, sorry but I am not interested in meeting ppl who have to travel to meet me, why? I dont feel comfortable with it, why? because ppl who make a long trip think that you MUST have sex with them just because the fact they make a trip and I have no obligation to have sex with any one, if you meet someone in person is just to see if you all get alone or if you have mutual attraction, MUST is not a word you need to use for sexual matters.

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